What Styles of Leather Bomber Jackets Are Popular For Men

Leather bomber jackets are known for their minimalistic, rugged outlook, rich history, and knowledge of no borders when it comes to culture or language. These jackets have become an enduring fashion staple for men all around the world. Not only are bomber jackets for men versatile, but they also feature a range of styles that differ in design, silhouette, and other features.

From the iconic vintage bomber leather jackets for men to modern interpretations, AU LeatherX has the best bomber jackets for men in classic styles. Most people are unaware of the basics and different types of bomber jackets. If you are one of them, this article is just right for you. In this guide, we have gathered everything you need to know about the best styles of leather bomber jackets for men that are known to be trendsetters in the fashion world.

What Styles of Leather Bomber Jackets  Are Popular For Men

Things You Need to Know About Leather Bomber Jackets

Leather is a naturally durable material that is typically used to make jackets, coats, and other types of apparel for many years. The leather bomber jackets exude a timeless appeal that makes them a must-have in every wardrobe. From their history to their essential attributes and composition, we will give you a detailed review of everything you need to know about bomber jackets for men.

What Is a Bomber Jacket?

The bomber jacket is traditionally a waist-length jacket with a rib-knitted or banded waistband, cuffs, and collar. It comes with a zipped closure and occasionally features buttons on the front. These jackets were initially made to protect aviation pilots from harsh weather conditions in the early war times. In modern times, bomber jackets for men have gained a significant amount of popularity and remain a wardrobe staple for many fashion-forward men.

Design Details of A Bomber Jacket

Since their origination, bomber jackets for men have been through a major evolution in terms of design. The variety of best bomber jackets available at AU LeatherX is vast due to the modifications in the style and material, making them versatile enough for all consumer categories.


The shape of bomber jackets is usually boxy and oversized. The broad silhouette is a prominent feature among others as the jacket is cinched from cuffs and waist. Bomber jackets for men are much sleeker to fit the style needs of modern fashion-enthusiastic men, enhancing their masculine appearance.

Ribbed Cuffs and Waistband:

The elasticized cuffs and hem ensure that the bomber jacket retains tight to the body and wrist, therefore retaining as much warmth inside the jacket. The trapped warm air keeps you nice and toasty when wearing a bomber leather jacket. Therefore, it is vital to have a close seal at points in order to reduce heat loss.

Front Closure:

Bomber jackets are characterized by a straight front closure fastened to the collar. The closure is mostly zipped but sometimes features buttons for added style.


The classic bomber jacket featured a shirt-style collar lined with fur shearling due to the harsh weather conditions. Nowadays, bomber jackets come with banded collars as well as the traditional wide collars.

Materials Used to Make Bomber Jackets

Several fabrics and materials are used in the making of bomber jackets. The durability factor of bomber jackets initially depends on the type of material used. Leather bomber jackets are undoubtedly the most renowned among other types of leather jackets. Their characteristic style and versatility make them the most popular choice among all. Bomber jackets for men are also manufactured using synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, making the jacket waterproof. Another type of quality is the usage of fabrics such as denim and satin. These are very popular among people who live in moderately hot areas with colder days throughout the years.

Trending Styles of Leather Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets for men come in a variety of styles. You must have seen many unique design variations of these jackets worn by stylish men out there. You will find many iconic styles that dominate the men's fashion arena, and we have listed the most popular ones and the best bomber jackets that can be incorporated into any outfit.

1. Vintage Bomber Jackets

We are starting with the evergreen Vintage bomber jackets that are known as the classic best bomber jackets. Featuring a rugged and retro outlook, these jackets come in a traditional bomber silhouette with statement attributes like banded cuffs and hem, sleek outlook, and a zipper closure at the front. This year, retro-style bomber jackets have gained immense popularity and are known to add a unique charm to your outfits. Style these jackets up or down and create a look that is hard to ignore. Check out the timeless vintage leather bomber jackets at AU LeatherX and find yourself a perfect wardrobe staple.

2. Varsity Bomber Jackets

Of course, this iconic outerwear piece had to be on our list of the most popular styles as it never loses its classic character throughout the year. The varsity bomber jackets are renowned for their elegant design variations and frontal button closures. While it might take some men to their high-school sports days, this season, the outerwear staple has gone from the stadium to the runway in fashion shows. These jackets are worn casually as well as formally for a variety of occasions. The varsity jackets are characterized by a snugged fit, banded cuffs, ribbed hem and collar, and an eye-catching design that indeed plays the most crucial role in making these jackets a top choice among men.

3. Quilted Bomber Jackets

Want something that is sophisticated and brings elegance to your clothes? Then, the quilted bomber jacket is going to be your ultimate choice. A quilted bomber jacket comes with a cushioned pattern on the external layer of the jacket. Usually crafted from leather, the quilted bomber jackets for men may come with fully quilted patterns on the body or have some detailing on the sleeves, shoulders, and elbows of the bomber jacket. For achieving a classy look, these best bomber jackets for men in quilted style are a must-have for every man.

4. Aviator Flight Bomber Jackets

An ageless wardrobe staple - the aviator flight bomber jacket. What makes them among the popular styles of bomber jackets is their composition, which uses leather and shearling. These jackets are lined with shearling fur on the collar, cuffs, and hemline that give them a sophisticated yet alluring appearance. With a zipper closure at the front, the aviator flight bomber jackets at AU LeatherX are the true epitome of style and functionality. The aviator bomber jacket is more than just a piece of outerwear - it is a statement that defines who you really are and showcases your style in a way that stands out from the rest.

5. Hooded Bomber Jackets

For the colder days when you think about making a true fashion statement with your clothing but also want to remain warm in the chilly winds, we have something just for you. The hooded bomber jackets are best at delivering practicality along with the most incredible style of all time. One of the best bomber jackets for men, these jackets are known for the added hood feature that makes them more suitable for a rugged look. The hood adds a cool factor to the jacket, ensuring your quirky and youthful personality looks unique in every way. A highly functional yet stylish piece of outerwear, the hooded bomber jackets are perfect for the rainy as well as sunny season.

Are Leather Bomber Jackets in Style In 2024?

Leather bomber jackets remain a timeless wardrobe staple in 2024, blending classic sophistication with contemporary flair. Despite all the evolving fashion trends, their enduring appeal remains due to their versatility, durability, and iconic style. Designers continually interpret leather bomber jackets with modern twists, incorporating classic details, textures, and color palettes to make them relevant. The adaptability of best bomber jackets ensures their seamless transition from day-time casual outings to formal settings at night, making them an ideal outerwear choice for all fashion-forward individuals.

How Should a Leather Bomber Jacket Fit?

Leather Bomber jackets for men have been the unfortunate subject of oversized clothing trends that seem to have come and gone since the 90's. The best fit you can get in a bomber jacket is for it to have enough room for mobility. A higher armhole would be perfect for you to allow ease of movement comfortably while wearing your bomber jacket. The elasticized cuffs and hem should not be stretched tight when you pull on and fasten the jacket. They should not be too tight or too loose; these need to be in the middle for you to have seamless movement. It would be best if you also considered the length of the bomber jacket, which should not be longer than your hips. The bomber jacket sleeve length should roughly end at the root of your thumb for a comfortable fit.

What To Consider Before Buying a Bomber Jacket?

You need to take into account the fit, fastening, and color in order to get the best bomber jacket. Once you find the right silhouette that fits true to your body type and size and is made with high-quality materials with durable properties, you are good to go. Choose a color that best matches your aesthetics and personality and brings a unique vibe to your outfits. The most popular ones are black, vintage brown, and blended colors; you will find a great variety at AU LeatherX for the best bomber jackets for men.

Where Do I Find Real
Leather Jackets?

Leather jackets are made using different types of leather, such as faux, animal skin, and sometimes a combination of leather with other fabrics. Real leather jackets are among the best compared to other types, as real leather is the most durable and timeless material for manufacturing jackets and other clothing items. You can get a wide range of real leather jackets at AU LeatherX made using original sheepskin leather, which is the best of them all. From amazing bikers to the best bomber jackets for men, you will find a range of classic outerwear pieces made from 100% real leather only at AU LeatherX.

What Is the Best Leather
Bomber Jacket Under $200?

If you are someone who is looking for a good-looking, durable, and practical leather bomber jackets for men that is not too tight on your pocket then you are at the right place. AU LeatherX offers a meticulously crafted selection of the best bomber jackets in various styles. And what's the best part of it? Every jacket in our collection ranges between prices below $200. From the timeless Men's Black Leather Bomber Jacket to the elegantly stylish Men's Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket, get your favorite bomber jacket today and level up your fashion sense by styling it in any way you like!


The bomber jacket is one of the most liked pieces of outerwear in a man's wardrobe. Its distinctive design and snug silhouette add dashing vibes to the appearance of the wearer. In this article, we provide you with everything from the basics to the popular styles of bomber leather jackets for men to ensure that you invest in a piece that is best in every aspect. Explore AU LeatherX's collection of bomber leather jackets and get your hands on a piece that never loses its charm.